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“The level of service at PUPPY PALACE is fantastic. Having been a customer since the store opened in 1994, I purchased my first puppy from there, since then I have purchased three others, a shih-tzu, a westie and a cock-a poo.... ....I am always impressed by the professionalism of Kevin and his staff . Thank you!”

R Moore

“ PUPPY PALACE was recommended to us by a friend, and now I know why – we purchased two beautiful Lab puppies who were happy and healthy . what great additions to our family... Keep up the good work!”

Mr. and Mrs. Stillwell

" We purchased are first puppy from Puppy Palace 15 yrs ago (Maggie) a cock-a-poo, she was the best !!!!!!!

Me and my wife stopped by to see Kevin last month and fell in love with a litttle yorkie poodle mix. She is bringing us much happiness since we had lost our maggie.....Thank you Kevin again for such a nice puppy.

The Jenkins

"What a great store..............and such nice puppies,My daughter and I purchased a beautiful Labrador Retriever puppy in December 2011. we could not ask for a nicer puppy. Thank You Kevin for a great puppy, she brought us so much joy in the month we had her. We named her Cloe

Barb and Melissa

Just purchased our 3rd puppy from Kevin ( a cock-a-poo ). A+++++++++++++++ as usual. Keep up the great job Kevin see you soon.

Jen, Steve, and the kids

I recently bought my daughter a puppy from Puppy Palace. First off it was one of the cleanest stores I came across while shopping. They work with you in terms of pick up and are extremely accomodating (as a matter of fact they held and cared for our pup for a week). I found them to be knowlegable and friendly while other stores made us feel as if we were intruding. I would highly recommend doing business here and i believe my trip from Wilming Delaware was well worth the drive.

John D Wilmington Delaware

HEAVEN SENT: By Deborah Anderson of South Brunswick, NJ.... 8/5/2014

My dog passed away about a month ago. I was so devastated that I couldn’t even function. My friend Joyce sent me a number for a place called Puppy Palace in Robbinsville NJ.

Around 11 years ago I bought my dog from a store that use to be in that building.

I was a little hesitate to go back there after losing my dog, but it was a different company and owner. I was so happy. I wanted this time not to get a pure bred, but a mix of two kinds of dogs I liked. I went there…broken hearted and with tears in my eyes I meant the owner, Kevin Smith. I told him what I wanted and he was very nice to listen to my pain.

I heard horror stories about puppy mills, etc. He had assured me that he didn’t get his dogs from any mill and they only came from select breeders. I felt in my heart that he was telling the truth. He happen to have a litter that was coming in and it was the breed I wanted. I called him every week to find out the details of the litter…I wanted a male…half Westie since my other dog was a pure bred and half Bichon. Also, he knew I wanted to look more like a Westie. I knew I had to wait even though I had a broken heart from losing my dog. I didn’t go across the street to Puppy Hut, because the lady had only some bad things to say about Puppy Palace when I first called her and when I went to Puppy Place Kevin never whispered any thing bad about Puppy Hut or the other store in Mount Holly called Puppy Barn…Puppy Hut happen to be the one to stay away from said one of my neighbors. Being in my own business anyone who talks about a competitor is really the one who has all the faults. I also visited a place on route 18 in East Brunswick and it was filthy. Between the lies of coming from Puppy Hut about Puppy Palace and the place on route 18, I knew Puppy Palace was the place to be. I ended up getting the perfect dog, although it can’t replace my old, I fell in love again.

My veterinarian, .Dr. Lelkes of North Brunswick, a very educated and compassionate man told me the dog is healthy. I already knew that because all of Puppy Palace’s dogs are clean and checked by a vet before leaving the store. I highly recommend if you want a puppy to love, Kevin will help you to find your love!!!!

This is a testimonial to Puppy Palace and how wonderful they were and the love and care they provide all their puppies. They are wonderful.... 10/26/2014

I lost my Westie of almost 13 years on Oct. 13th @ 4:15PM to a long illness the day before my birthday. He was my best Buddy Pal Friend . My heart was broken and at the time I couldn't get over the feeling that I was tossing him out like the trash, but now I realize it was the kindness most loving thing I could have done. With a broken heart my husband and I started looking for another pal to put life into out sad home. We tried rescues but did not like all the paper work involved and all the personal questions that were asked. Feeling a little Leary of puppy stores I read reviews about the Puppy Palace and all reviews were 5 star rated. I went into the Puppy Palace being greeted by Kevin Smith and immediately felt at ease. I saw a Havanese looking perky and happy and felt that this could be the one to put life back into our sad home. We thought about it, looked around other places and came back the same afternoon and brought Kirby home. "Yes, My name is Kirby and I was born July 8th 2014, I put on a good show, my best dance routine and won them over I guess cause I am so cute. Mom brought me home and I have been learning every day something about my new mom and dad. I do have puppy accidents once in a while but I'm a puppy what the heck. If I never was sent to the Puppy Palace and met Kevin I would have never met my forever mom and dad." Puppy Palace is very well maintained, all the pups are good looking and healthy. You will not be sorry, they are very kind and put you at ease right away. Thank you Kevin for bringing Kirby into out lives and life back into our home.

Danielle & Joe Maisto

Columbus, NJ

I recently purchased a toy poodle puppy from Puppy Palace. I am writing this letter to ease the mind of anyone

considering a puppy from entire experience & this puppy is amazing! the owner Kevin Smith, was

knowledgeable,polite & professional. I appreciated how much he obviously cared about the puppies, as he was careful

not to allow people to just come in and play with them who had no intention of giving them a home, which would NOT

be good for the puppy & I'm so glad he is proactive with keeping them as protected as possible while tons of people come through looking at them. the space the puppy was in was clean & welcoming, the puppies all had adequate space, food & water and weren't over crowded at all...In fact, I had visited numerous shelters, pet stores, & breeders and Puppy Palace was far the BEST. I found all the others to have sick looking puppies with employees who didn't care about the pups, but Puppy Palace was different. When I found my new fur baby, I was pleasantly surprised that Kevin (the owner) answered all my questions & knew quite a bit about the pup's background & heredity, giving me a family tree.He didn't seem like he was trying to "push" the puppy on me ,allowing me ample time to play with & get to know the puppy. Also, the puppy (Minnie) had been vet checked, up to date on shots, and even micro chipped. The owner was very thorough & was obviously NOT

just rushing pups in & out half heartedly like many of the others I had visited. If you are considering a puppy , I strongly suggest Puppy Palace. They are definitely above the rest in every aspect & you wont be disapointed. You'll be giving a good home to a great puppy.

Shelly Frey

Saint Thomas, Pa

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